About the Marketing Ideas show

The Marketing Ideas Show was born of working with many businesses across many different industries. Business owners are experts at what their business *does* but many times when it comes to marketing have said:

I don’t know what to do

I’m not creative

I want to do that but I don’t know how

So this podcast has been created to help business generate a marketing idea, and more importantly, implement that idea to make sales.

In each episode there will be a marketing idea, an example of that idea and some brainstorming on how different businesses can use and apply that idea to their specific business.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. If you see a marketing idea you like and want to figure out how to apply it to your business, get in touch and perhaps there will be an episode dedicated to your business.

About Casey

Casey is founder of the email and automation business KissAutomation.com

She spends most of her time in Australia (but is often times found elsewhere) and loves lifting weights.

Casey helps businesses automate their marketing and business systems so they can make do more of what they love and make more profit.


The Marketing Ideas Podcast music comes from BenSound.com