Using Instagram For Business

While I technically do have an Instagram account, I haven’t logged in to it for at least 2 years. It’s just not the social network for me.

After all who wants to see photos of my meals everyday?

At least that’s what I thought Instagram was, photos of everyones meals #nomnom and travel photos #yolo (<–are we still doing that??)

However Anthony Thompson from Crush Social stopped by the show to tell me all the things businesses can do with Instagram.


And it doesn’t require photos of your food!

Anthony was kind enough to share

  • how to get started  (you need to download the app)
  • what kind of content a business could put on Instagram
  • how to make best use of your profile
  • how you can connect with your customers and influencers
  • details of how he helps his clients use Instagram to drive business in store

If you have any questions, please ask below or if you are on Instagram go straight to Anthony and ask him directly 🙂



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